My Personal Detox

"Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it's because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It's your mission on earth."
-Paulo Coelho

“I know it’s a human tendency to compare yourself to others, however when it leads to feelings of jealousy, envy and even anger, well, that’s when it’s best to really look within and ask yourself what you’re choosing to believe. Quite often when we feel envious of others, it’s the product of this imaginary story we tell ourselves about them, and how their life is SO much better than ours/they’re better than us because they seem so happy all the time, they make a lot of money, they have a beautiful family, they are very physically attractive, or whatever thoughts you have that deem them superior to you, thus making you feel like crap, and envious of their life…which actually isn’t their life- It’s your perception of their life based on the limited view/information you have on their life, mixed with all the silly thoughts that arise from your ego. In reality, nobody has all their shit together. Everyone is fighting some battle. Everyone has been hurt, has wounds, insecurities and fears. And nobody shits out rose petals, and farts out lavender essential oil mist. “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ~ Steve Furtick. Seriously!! How many of us do this?? How many of us come onto facebook and see all these glorious, gorgeous photos of others and their travels, for example, and read their happy, ‘enlightened’ posts and think, “Why can’t I be like that?” The reality is that most people put their best face forward on facebook and in the real world, understandably. I mean, who wants to share and/or read a post on facebook called “John and Amanda’s latest fight!! Check it out!” Or, “Photo of me from the worst possible angle…check it out!!” Anyway, everyone is on their own unique journey and comparing yourself to others, and thus feeling inferior or superior doesn’t help you to grow, heal, and expand into deeper love. It keeps you stuck in your ego, in limitation, and in separation, and that’s not the place any of us want to be at our core. So regardless of how you perceive others to be, remember that you are not here on this planet to be like others, to compete with others, to feel bad about yourself because you’re not like others. You are here to be yourself, and who you are may not please everybody, but that’s entirely ok! The planet needs more people to stand strong in their truth!!! I guarantee that the more you express yourself, and live a life that aligns with YOUR passions, morals and beliefs about what life is all about, the more joy will naturally emanate from your being, the more energized you’ll feel, the more amazingly supportive people will show up in your life, the more abundance will naturally flow into your life in every way, and you’ll free yourself in a way that most people never do on this planet unfortunately. So BE yourself, and embrace all those quirks that society might deem “weird.” Cultivate GRATITUDE for all the people who have been excellent, yet challenging/frustrating mirrors for you, and for all the hardships you’ve overcome and lessons you’ve learn, because they’ve only made you a stronger, wiser individual!!! And don’t forget to LAUGH and MOVE your beautiful body!!! Next time you find yourself getting down on yourself because your ego tells you you’re not this enough or that enough, seriously, start making farting noises and direct it to your ego. Make them as LOUD as you can, and keep doing this until you at least have a smile on your face! And follow this by dancing your booty off, preferably outside in nature with a perdy scarf. Humour and movement are two of the best ways to break yourself out of a negative loop!!”

Leija Turunen
(via enigmatic-being)


I read this amazing article today. Who knew this video would have such a major impact?! Share this with the women you love. You could be saving their lives. 

It started “like an episode of ER,” she recalled, with her heart racing around 300 times per minute — five beats per second — and paramedics screaming “We’re losing her!” Read more HERE.